Imagine yourself completely composed, secure in your self-belief and confidence.

Performing your sport with unwavering focus and the ability to persevere through to the end.

Passionately pursuing your goals and achieving your dreams.

Believe.  Perform.  Succeed.


Are you curious to see how sports mindset coaching can get you performing at your best?

Are you ready to understand and change what’s been holding you back in your sport?

Are ready to believe in yourself and see where this belief will take you?

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Clarify your goals and ramp up your motivation

Have you hit a slump?  Are you unsure what you’re aiming for?  Do you have goals but they feel vague or fuelled by F.O.M.O (fear of missing out)?  Do you know what you want but struggle to find the motivation or belief to get you there? 

Let’s turn that around and find your passion and your purpose through:

  • Absolute goal clarity
  • Understanding what drives you
  • Identifying the values that underpin your chosen goal and sport
  • Tease out what barriers might emerge so you’re ready for them
  • Have a clear action plan for those barriers to keep you moving forwards
  • Connect with the sports performer you wish to become and embark on your journey to be that athlete

Upon booking ‘Get Passion and Purpose’, you’ll receive an initial questionnaire so we can start exploring your drivers straight away.  With this understanding in place, we’ll meet for two 90 minute sessions, or one 3 hour immersive session.  

We’ll take a deep dive into your sporting dreams, goals, successes and struggles so we know exactly what you want to aim for and what you need to get you there.  We’ll attach this vision to what truly matters to you, ensuring you leave with ample motivation and passion to get you through the challenges every sport can throw at us.  Growing your self-belief and confidence every step of the way.

You’ll receive a full write up and action plan, so you’ll have everything you’ve gained alongside you every step of the way to your ultimate sporting goal.  All for just £149.


Let’s get you into your zone and able to keep going when the going gets tough.

Do you find it hard to focus right when you need to?  With too much mental chatter or self-doubt getting in the way?  Are you hit hard when things don’t go to plan or you need time away from your sport?  

Let’s get focus and fortitude.

Whether booked as a standalone package or following seamlessly on from ‘Get Passion and Purpose,’ we’ll meet for two, 90 sessions to:

  • Find your zone
  • Get the emotions you need right when you need them
  • Develop your focus strategy
  • Build trust in your ability to perseverance
  • Keep building your confidence and self-belief

You’ll walk out of each session with tools you can apply straight away.  Tools that will keep you focused and give you the ability persevere and drive towards your goal no matter what.  You’ll gain strategies and insights that will last a lifetime and underpin your self-belief and confidence.

Get Focus and Fortitude for just £199

If booked joinly with ‘Get Passion and Purpose’ you get all four sessions for just £333.  

This can also the first instalment to secure your place on the 12 week ‘Complete Sports Belief’ programme.


Believe in yourself and perform with confidence, fully composed, with mind and body aligned.  

Do you ever doubt yourself, lack faith in your abilities, or experience performance anxiety?  Do you choke under pressure or find that your mental chatter and emotions keep getting in the way?  Are you blocked in your sport, finding that your body is just not responding to what you want it to do?  Does the same thing keep on happening again and again, no matter what you try?   

Let’s get that confidence and self-belief flowing, let’s steady those emotions and clear any blocks to free you up to do your sport the way you want.  Over eight sessions we’ll draw on powerful change methods such as Time Line Therapy and EMDR to:

  • Regulate your emotions so you’re in the right space for what you need to do
  • Remove unhelpful beliefs, doubts and dilemmas that impact on your sport
  • Clear any past events, instances, or injuries that are holding you back
  • Develop firm self-belief and faith in yourself and your abilities
  • Gain emotional, mental and physical freedom so you can grow into the athlete you wish to become
  • Complete your journey by revisiting your goal, placing it firmly in your future, with the new you all set to go get it!

Get Composed and Confident for just £699

Or choose the 12 week ‘Complete Sports Belief’ programme covering all three packages for just £999  

The beauty of this programme is that everything you’ve gained from just   12 weeks training will last a sporting lifetime.  You will be unstoppable!

This is mindset training on such a profound level that it will have a lasting positive impact your sport, your life and you as a person.

The complete programme can be paid for in three monthly instalments of £333 by first booking ‘Get Passion, Purpose, Focus and Fortitude’


In recent years, many athletes and sports people have begun to talk openly about their mental health struggles.  They have my admiration: this has been a neglected area in the past, but it is one we must have the confidence to address, if we want to turn it around.  There’s no doubt sport and exercise is good for our mental health but that doesn’t make us immune to our own mental health difficulties.

Having worked for 18 years in the field of mental health and as an accredited CBT and EMDR therapist,  I am experienced in treating PTSD, depression, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), OCD, health anxiety, social anxiety, low self-esteem, and clinical perfectionism.  

If, like the athletes who have spoken out, you are experiencing a diagnosed mental health problem that is affecting your sport, performance, or daily life, then please get in touch.  Alongside my mindset coaching practice I continue to treat mental health difficulties in sports people and would be happy to work with you.

CBT and EMDR sessions are £89 per hour.


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