Imagine performing your sport with absolute faith in yourself and your abilities.

With the confidence to keep moving forward.

With the self-belief to do what it takes to succeed.

Believe.  Perform.  Succeed.


Are you curious to find out how sports mindset coaching, EMDR and CBT can improve your mental wellbeing, self-belief, and get you performing at your best?

Are you ready to break through what’s been holding you back in your sport, your training, or your life?

Are ready to fully believe in yourself and see where this belief will take you?

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Break through a block with renewed self-belief
Does your confidence waver when it comes to a specific move or event?   Do you hit a block, or choke right when you want to push through, and this is impacting your performance as a whole?

Let’s get you believing so you can break through that block.

When you book this package, you’ll receive an initial questionnaire so we can start exploring your drivers straight away.  With this understanding in place, we’ll meet for up to 90 minutes of sports mindset coaching to target the specific aspect of your sport you need to build your confidence in.

We’ll explore where you want to be in terms of your performance and the specific area you want to focus on.

We’ll use powerful belief building interventions to break through your block and have your performing in the way you want.

The gains from the session will be consolidated through a powerful visualisation practice and positive performance strategy you can implement straight away.

All for just £69.


Gain confidence and self-belief within your sport
Do you struggle with mental chatter or self-doubt getting in the way of your performance?  Are you hit hard when things don’t go to plan or you need time away from your sport?  Does lack of confidence impact your goals and motivation, or even take the fun out of you sport?  Do you struggle to own your identity as athlete or sports performer?

Let’s build your belief and confidence in your sporting field.

When you book this package, you’ll receive an initial questionnaire so we can start exploring your drivers straight away.  

With this understanding in place, we’ll meet for four sports mindset coaching sessions to explore what you want to achieve, what is getting your way and reconnect with why you do your sport. 

We’ll then move onto building your belief in your abilities and implementing healthy sporting habits that support peak performance.

The gains from each session will be furthered through a powerful visualisation practice and build in key strategies to implement after every session to underpin and consolidate your self-belief and confidence in your sport.

All for just £299

believe in yourself

Grow your self-esteem and perform at your best
Do you doubt yourself, lack faith in your abilities, or experience performance anxiety?  Do you struggle under pressure or find that your mental chatter and emotions keep getting in the way?  Does your low self-esteem go beyond your sport, or is your sport the only place you feel good about yourself?

Let’s get your confidence and self-belief flowing, not only in your sport but in yourself as a whole.  

When you book this package, you’ll receive an initial questionnaire so we can start exploring your drivers straight away.

With this understanding in place, we’ll meet for 12 sports mindset coaching session where we’ll draw on powerful change methods such as Time Line Therapy to:

  • Regulate your emotions so you’re in the right space for your training, sport, and life
  • Remove unhelpful beliefs, doubts and dilemmas that impact on your sport and overall wellbeing
  • Clear any past events, instances, or injuries that are holding you back
  • Develop firm self-esteem and self-work to underpin your confidence as a performer and person
  • Gain emotional, mental and physical freedom so you can grow into the athlete you wish to become
  • Reaffirm your goals, place them firmly in your future, with the new you ready to go out and achieve them!

All for just £999 

This programme can be also paid for in three monthly instalments of £333 

This is mindset training on such a profound level, it will have a lasting positive impact your sport, your life, and you as a person.


Bespoke Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EMDR, and mindset coaching for you

Are you looking for bespoke mindset coaching, EMDR, or CBT to meet your individual needs?  Alongside the packages above, I continue to work with athletes and sports people on a range of issues that impact them and their performance, drawing on my range of skills to meet their needs.

Having worked for 18 years in the field of mental health and as an accredited CBT and EMDR therapist, I am experienced in treating PTSD, depression, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), OCD, health anxiety, social anxiety, low self-esteem, and clinical perfectionism.  

Whatever you’re experiencing and however it is impacting on you and your sport, get in touch for a free 20 minute call to see how I can help.

Individualised mindset coaching and therapy sessions are £89 per hour.


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