Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for

CBT and EMDR therapists

Hi, I’m Michelle, an accredited CBT and EMDR therapist and an experienced and passionate clinical supervisor.

Originally an Occupational Therapist, working in a range of mental health settings, I retrained in CBT in 2010, followed by EMDR in 2015, for which I am now a consultant in training.

Since training, I have added compassion-focused therapy, ACT, mindset coaching, and attachment-informed EMDR to my toolkit.

I have been delivering clinical supervision for over 10 years, predominantly for CBT, but also individual and group EMDR supervision, and I am currently the Specialist Clinical Supervisor for an RCT running in IAPT services across multiple Trusts.

I have undertaken a number of training courses in clinical supervision, including ‘supervision of supervision’.

It’s important to find the right supervisor so I am happy to meet with you to discuss your supervision needs and preferences to ensure I am the right supervisor for you.

Rates will be discussed individually and, as an EMDR consultant in training, I will be offering discounted EMDR supervision for the duration of my training and free sessions where video recordings are required.

I look forward to hearing from you

Michelle Griffiths-Reeve
BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) , EMDR UK Accredited EMDR Practitioner​,
Time Line Therapist, Certified Mindset Coach, and NLP Practitioner


You were the best supervisor that I ever had, I felt truly supported while working with you and I have learned so much. I really appreciate your kindness, guidance and support.

CBT therapist from taken from training and into qualified practice

I feel so lucky to be supervised by you, Michelle, from day one, you have been encouraging and supportive for what is to me a completely new way of working with people. I feel inspired by your passion for EMDR and love the way you run our group supervision. You are always open, always giving someone the chance to share their thoughts and always manage to be positive and fun.  I have said this before but on top of being a great therapist you are also a great teacher. Thank you!

Recently trained EMDR therapist 


Having Michelle as supervisor for both individual clinical supervision, and also EMDR group supervision, I can say that I find both supervisions very helpful. I feel comfortable to raise any difficulties or issues I’m having with my clinical practice and always receive appropriate and clinically useful input, imparted in a Socratic rather than didactic manner, and leave supervision sessions with a clear, practical plan of where to go next with the patient’s treatment.  Michelle is always careful to offer support and supervision input in a manner which supports development within one’s own therapy style.  

CBT and EMDR therapist

I’ve found your suggestions and questions really useful in helping me to develop my EMDR practice.  I love the way you gently ask questions and draw out of me the weaker points of my practice (in a nice way!).

You’ve always balanced feedback with acknowledgement that I’m the clinician in the room and that you value my clinical judgement, which has been much appreciated – supervision with you has always felt very supportive.

EMDR therapist


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