Find out how you score in the four key elements that make up our sports mindset


Do you love your sport but find yourself struggling with self-doubt, ​low confidence, performance ​anxiety, blocks, or difficulty bouncing back from past events or injuries.

Whatever your sport, ​whatever you’re experiencing, you can come back stronger, more resilient, believing in yourself, and having grown into ​the athlete and person you wish to become.


With sports mindset coaching you can believe, perform, and succeed.

Find your Sports belief

Do the sport you love with a positive performance mindset…
Free from doubts or anxieties…
With absolute belief in yourself and your abilities…
Mind and body connected…
And total focus and commitment to what you want to achieve…

Be the confident sports performer you wish to be

I believe in you!

– Michelle Griffiths-Reeve

Certified Mindset Coach, NLP Sports Practitioner, Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) , Accredited EMDR Practitioner​, Athlete



I needed help to nail the anxiety & emotional distress that I felt when cycling, a fairly important part of any triathlon. Cue Michelle. She clearly and simply explained (sometimes with the use of pictures) what was going on in my head and the process (EMDR) she would use to correct it. Some of the sessions were emotionally intense but Michelle was there 100% and I never felt unsupported at any time during the process. Fast forward to my first ride out this year – absolutely amazing. No anxiety or emotional distress, just me riding my bike. I can not recommend this lady enough. This has been truly life changing.


Michelle’s approach to clients is very straightforward, sympathetic and easy to understand. She really helped me understand where my anxiety was coming from and gave me tools to help myself in a simple way. I got great results in a few sessions and other people noticed a change in me. I now know if I have anxiety issues again I will be better placed to handle them.

Triathlete and company director 

I reached out to her to help me “get my fire back” after sustaining a two-year leg injury and feeling completely burnt out from sport. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found her. She is also one of the most patient and thoughtful people you will ever meet, and her years of experience means she has MANY tools in her toolbox, while being an athlete herself means she understands exactly what you’re going through. It has been a true honour and joy to work with Michelle. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Strength Athlete

Seven Ironman’s completed and I knew I needed more specialist help, marginal gains for some but after spending time with Michelle it was much more than marginal gains.  I went to see Michelle to help overcome my swimming fears and I came away with a stronger mindset for all three disciplines and swimming my fastest swim EVER!  The world championships are only around the corner so looking forward to seeing what amazing results we can get this year. 

Sports Performance Coach and 9x Ironman


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